Make the most of your future.

Visualise and build the life you want.

The best way to get clear on what your future will look like is to start seeing it right now.

Flor's guided visualisation combines a hypnotic state with specific imagery to create lasting changes in the subconscious mind. 

Repeating this visualisation for 30 days create long lasting changes in the subconscious mind.

This visualisation will guide you to decide what you want to do, be and have within one year. And will give you the mental tools to accelerate all your results.

Hi! I´m Florencia,

Florencia Andrés is a leading expert in coaching and motivation. Here are a few things about her:

  • She is an international Bestselling Author: her four books -published in many languages by Penguin Random House- have sold over 500.000 copies. Her groundbreaking work made her the first woman in 40 years to win the “Golden Book Award”. 
  • She is an International Speaker: she was ranked as “Best Female Speaker” in top summits in Europe 2022. She has toured across the world with Sony Music as her main sponsor giving keynote presentations in stadiums for hundreds of thousands of people.
  • She is a Mindset Coach of High Performers: she coaches Celebrities, CEOs and Sports Champions in tournaments like the US Open and World Cups. 
  • She has taught in multiple Universities worldwide, and was an acclaimed professor at the Masters Degree in Coaching. She is a member of TLC where she gets together with some of the best thought leaders of the world twice a year to share insights and methods and an acclaimed teacher in Mindvalley.

What people say about Flor Andrés

Vishen Lakhiani


“Flor is a force of nature! She is like a female Tony Robbins. She was the first speaker to have a standing ovation at A-Fest and the audience loved every minute of her talk"

Marie Diamond

Feng shui expert from “The Secret"

“Flor is the most amazing speaker on confidence, on strength, when she is onstage she rocks! She is a POWERHOUSE!
I absolutely adore her work! And I recommend her work as a speaker, in trainings, for general audiences, for the businesses…she is the most amazing woman out there!"

John Gray

Bestselling author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

“Her work is so impressive! The tools she teaches can quickly transform your life, your business, your relationships. She is powerful!"

Gerard Adams

Entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, leader creating leaders

“I got to experience Florencia onstage and it was one of the best speeches I have EVER seen: it was so compelling and actionable. And her energy!! Her authenticity, her way of being able to own the stage yet make everyone feel seen is just extremely special. If you have an opportunity to bring Flor to your event, I highly recommend it! 

Eduardo Ruso Heguy

Multiple world champion, head coach

“Everything she taught us was so transformational. Not only for us as an elite sports team, but for us as human beings. Her tools are actionable and get results!"

Jack Canfield

Bestselling author, teacher at “The Secret” movie

“Flor is a great expert in human transformation. All you have to do is apply what she teaches to transform your life"

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